Biosel launches the new WEI-QI line

After long months of research among essences from the garden and in its laboratories, Biosel finally unveils its new Wei-Qi line to the public, a line of wellbeing products with natural components inspired by roots, leaves, bark and flowers.

Salin de Biosel has always had a close connection with nature, and the new Wei-Qi Rituals line is composed of natural products based on plants selected for their energetic action and the wellbeing they provide.

The line consists of various products linked to the Roots, Leaves, Bark and Flowers theme.

4 nourishing milks with plant extracts, 4 nourishing dried plant powders (professional use), 4 100% bio-natural soaps, 4 ecological room fragrance sprays, 4 candles with natural fragrances

By means of an olfactory test, Biosel clients can choose which essence reawakens their most intimate feelings, revealing precise information about their psycho-physical state at that moment and so about the most suitable Wei-Qi Ritual.

Products in the Wei-Qi Rituals line are packed with low ecological impact packaging and accessories to keep their natural raw ingredients in prime condition.

Salin de Biosel Wei-Qi products are currently available only in the best beauty salons.

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