10 Phytoligo

Phytoligo Co:
Diminishes widespread redness, soothes irritations.
Phytoligo Cu:
eliminates toxins and impurities; with whitening effect.
Phytoligo I:
revitalizes the skin, reduces wrinkles, with antimycotic effect, facilitates the slimming process and helps to eliminate cellulite.
Phytoligo K:
relieves muscular tension, regulates cells’ water retention, facilitates lymphatic draining, regulates energy distribution.
Phytoligo Li:
relieves tension, makes the skin’s stress go away, diminishes redness, regulates circulation.
Phytoligo Mg:
it is anti-allergenic, reduces stress, drains retentions, moisturizing; improves the conductibility of the nervous and energetic systems.
Phytoligo S:
encourages cellular regeneration, eliminates toxins and free-radicals, diminishes the skin’s sensitivity to allergies.
Phytoligo Se:
Its anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties help to prevent cellular ageing, eliminates free-radicals; helps to preserve skin elasticity.
Phytoligo Si:
hydrates dry skin and greatly facilitates the reconstruction of tissue; firms up tissue, protects the vascular system.
Phytoligo Zn:
It restores balance to the nervous system; it nourishes and revitalises the skin and facilitates cellular oxygenation.