Bambou Huile
Bien Etre

Bambou Huile

Nourishing oil rich in trace elements to keep the body youthful.
Comprises a natural base of Rice and Sweet Almond oil with the addition of a selection of organic Bamboo extracts, rich in Silicon, to moisturize and revitalize the cutaneous tissues, restoring elasticity and a youthful look to the skin.
Applied directly to the skin with a light massage or with the original SALIN de BIOSEL bamboo canes. Its water soluble compsition means it can be used in bath water for an anti-age body bath. The oil will dissolve on the skin to provide new energy for the body.

The re-vitalized skin will appear more radiant and youthful. The perfectly moisturized skin regains its elasticity and softness.

Energetic Action
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Bambou Huile is bi-polar: Yin and Yang.
Yin concentrates the energy of the Bamboo cane, reduces excess Yang heat and promotes an anti-stress action.
Yang activates and diffuses vital, regenerating energy to provide an anti-age action.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower: White Lotus, promotes circulation, restores softness and vitality to the skin.
Leaf: Bamboo, toning and dynamizing, it provides energy and youthfulness to the tissues.
Bark: Bamboo, highly moisturizing, it slows down premature ageing of the tissues.
Root: Lotus, revitalizes the cutaneous fibres with an energetic firming, toning action.

Complementary ingredients

Sweet Almond: (Prunus Amygdalis Dulcis)
Aquatic Mint (Mentha acquatica)
Arnica (Arnica Montana)
Rice: (Oryza sativa)
Trace elements: Magnesium (trace eleement Mg)
Lithium (trace element Li)