Bio Age Crème
Beauté Face

Bio Age Crème

An intensive anti-age treatment cream for face, neck and décolleté. The Bioséquentielle Formula relieves tension and cutaneous stress with a deeply soothing, regenerating action. Algae and Avocado extract, rich in Omega 6, stimulate oxygenation to promote cell renewal and ensure refined, silky-smooth skin. A new compound of intensely moisturizing, toning plants and naturally derived hyaluronic acid provides a “filling” effect to visibly smooth wrinkles, restoring incredible youthfulness to the whole face and improving skin density right from the first application. A microcrystalline and vitamin C synergy gives extraordinary luminosity and the face regains a fresh, radiant complexion.

Skin stress is eased, the features of the visibly more rested face appear rejuvenated, the finer, silky skin underscores a fresh, radiant face.

Energetic Action
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Eliminates stress and stimulates energy circulation in all the cutaneous fibres through the combined action of the Yang Bioséquentielle formula and the Yin algea. The photo-energetic complex stimulates the action of light rays (photons) on the cutaneous tissues for a super-regenerating effect that reveals a radiant, rejuvenated face.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower Chamomile: rich in polyphenols, it vitalizes the skin and calms cutaneous tension.
Leaf Aloe: its vitamins and oligo elements eliminate cutaneous stress and slow down aging.
Bark White Willow: salicin relieves stress to promote cellular regeneration.
Root Iris: eliminates cutaneous stress, stimulates tissue regeneration, revitalizes wrinkled skin.

Complementary ingredients

Macrocystis (Macrocystis Pyrifera)
Avocado (Persea Gratissima),Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis), Cocoa (Theobroma cacao)
Hyaluronic acid, Lifting Complex, Gluconolactone
Vitamin C, Photo-energetic compound