Bio Age Sérum
Beauté Face

Bio Age Sérum

A rejuvenating, beautifying energy concentrate. The plants selected for this Bioséquentielle Formula produce a calming effect to rapidly relieve the cutaneous stress responsible for cellular aging. The innovative toning, anti-aging compound with biotechnologically-derived hyaluronic acid provides an intense anti-wrinkle action. The naturally anti-oxidant solution has an incredible brightening effect. It soothes tension and firms the contours of the face, neck and décolleté. Smoothes wrinkles and expression lines, reshapes the oval of the face. The skin is visibly more youthful-looking.

The double anti-stress and anti-age action visibly rejuvenates the skin. The distended features, reduced swelling around the eyes and smoothed wrinkles restore a rested, youthful face.

Energetic Action
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Reduces tension to improve energy circulation between the different points and meridians of the face, neck and décolleté. Cutaneous energy is stimulated for a visibly rested face. Elasticity is increased, restoring compactness and vitality to the skin.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower Chamomile: rich in polyphenols, it revitalizes the skin and calms cutaneous tension.
Leaf Aloe: its vitamins and oligo elements eliminate cutaneous stress and slow down aging.
Bark White Willow: salicin relieves stress and promotes cellular regeneration.
Root Iris: eliminates cutaneous stress, stimulates tissue regeneration, revitalizes wrinkled skin.

Complementary ingredients

Rice: (Oryza sativa)
Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)
Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)
Hyaluronic acid (100% natural, biotechnologically derived from the fermentation of wheat and yeasts no GMO’s)
Lifting Complex (100% natural cyclodextrin compound extracted from starches no GMO’s)
Gluconolactone. Polysaccharides. (extracted naturally from soya (no GMO’s)
Vitamin B5