Bio Sels Mer Morte
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Bio Sels Mer Morte

This magnesium chloride-rich salt is gathered ecologically after drying naturally on the shores of the Dead Sea and imported directly by BIOSEL to reach you in its pure, untreated state.
Dissolved in bathwater or used for a massage, it relieves tension with an immediate anti-stress effect and favours sleep. It eliminates excess Yin and Yang energy and effectively diminishes the negative action of telluric energy on sleep. It drain water and cellulite retention and lightens heavy legs, feet and ankles. It relieves skin disorders and fortifies the natural defences.

The Dead Sea in your own home for regained serenity after a bath with the Salts, or a body relieved of water retention and a soft, moisturized skin.

Complementary ingredients

Dead Sea Salts (Trace elements: Mg magnesium, ZK potassium, Li lithium)