Draine Huile Thalassa
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Draine Huile Thalassa

Neutral energy draining vegetable oil. Relieves physical tension and improves liquid exchanges, moisturises and softens the skin. Eliminates toxins and free radicals, reduces swelling of feet and ankles, drain water retention from the legs and body for a fitter body. It is used for body massage or diluted in bath water where it becomes an extraordinary nourishing milk.

The nourished skin becomes soft and velvety. Tension disappears and the perfectly drained feet and legs feel light. The body is also lighter, agile and ready for new physical activities.

Energetic Action
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Due to its neutral polarity, it acts as a true energy regulator. With a single action, all excessive Yang energy, heat and redness as well as Yin stases, cramps and swollen joints are reprogrammed to regain their normal balance. The dynamism of osmotic exchanges and draining functions is enhanced.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower: Camomile. Relieves tension, improves lymphatic drainage.
Leaf: Acquatic Mint. Anti-stress, tones and enhances dynamism of osmotic exchanges.
Bark: Vanilla. Stimulates energy, repairs micro skin blemishes.
Root: Arnica. Stimulates the energetic system, relieves muscular and joint tension.

Complementary ingredients

Rice Oil (Oryza sativa)
Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalis)
Lemon (Citrus medica)
Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)