Eau de purete
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Eau de Pureté

Thanks to its natural formula, which does not contain propylene glycol or parabens (a skin sensitising solvent and preservative that is highly allergenic), this is the ideal toner to smoothen and restore balance to all skin types, specially sensitive and delicate ones.

A protected skin will reawaken all your senses. Once it is moisturised, the skin regains its radiance and splendour and makeup applications will last all day long.

Energetic Action
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This toner’s neutral energetic formula reduces energetic surplus or compensates for energetic deficit. It diminishes redness or irritation due to excessive Yang energy or brings relief to deoxygenated, stressed and prematurely aged skin suffering from a lack of Yin energy. The skin will benefit from an immediate energetic balance that restores its moisture and compactness.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower: Cucumber. Hydrates, cleanses and refreshes, leaving the skin vital and radiant.
Leaf: Burdock. Rich in highly depurative phenol acids for a more youthful, healthy skin.
Bark: Cinchona. Tones the skin as well as acting as having powerful anti-parasitic and anti-infective properties
Root: Restharrow. Its draining action promotes the elimination of toxins.