Eco Pure Eau
Beauté Face

Eco Pure Eau

Lotion for a soothing, purifying and moisturizing treatment. It reduces the sensation of taught skin and diminishes redness through the interaction of the Biosequentielle plants: from the Ginseng root to Lavender flowers.
It restores a clear and pure skin thanks to the beneficial draining and regenerating effects of the oligo-elements and the Dead Sea Salts. It repairs the micro-alterations and nourishes and moisturises thanks to the intense revitalising action of the hyaluronic acid. The cutaneous ecosystem gets stronger day by day, guaranteeing efficient protection from the noxious effects of atmospheric pollution. The healthier skin regains radiance and freshness.

The constantly nourished, moisturises and revitalized skin regains intense radiance and freshness.

Energetic Action
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Reduces energy stasis responsible for the micro-inflammations and redness that often accompany impure skins. It restores an even complexion to the face, promotes repair of the micro-damage. It dynamizes the circulation of energy for a vitalized, healthy and radiant skin.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower: Lavender. Antiseptic, eliminates impurities, promotes healing, strengthens the cutaneous ecosystem
Leaf: Mint. Drains the impurities, soothes the skin, reduces tension, for a healthy skin.
Bark: Bamboo. Eliminates the free radicals, moisturizes, revitalizes and smooths the skin.
Root: Ginseng. Heals, reduces the production of free radicals, restores energy to the skin.

Complementary ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid (100% natural, biotechnologically derived from the fermentation of wheat and yeasts (no GMO’s).
Aloe (Aloe Vera); Dead Sea Salts. Vegetable glycerine (obtained from Colza oil)
Oligo elements: Cu copper, Mg magnesium, K potassium Zn zinc.
Millet (Panicum miliaceum)