Esprit de Fleur
Bien Etre

Esprit de Fleur

100% bio-natural soap with Yang flower extracts. Anti-age, it gently cleanses the face and body and restores radiance to the skin.

Comprising phyto-extracts of Yang energy flowers, it is particularly indicated for ageing skins with dark spots and sensitive to frequent washing. Rich in polyphenols, it is an energetic anti-age therapy par excellence. It cleanses gently and keeps the skin radiant. The ethereal fragrance of flowers, expression of the encounter between earth and sky, is a wonderful key that frees the spirit and creativity.

The moisturized skin becomes smooth and soft, pigment blemishes gradually fade and the complexion acquires a uniform radiance.

Vegetable cleansing base comprising natural cold-processed coconut oil and a synergy of flowers.