Gommage de pureté
Beauté Face

Gommage de Pureté

This scrub is characterised by its mild abrasiveness and its quick rejuvenating action on skin cells, resulting in a radiant and toned look.

After the first application, the skin will regain its radiance and freshness. A purified and moisturised skin will be noticeably more toned and facial contours will be redefined and rejuvenated.

Energetic Action
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Given its neutral polarity, it can activate both Yang and Yin energy. Yang energy provides the necessary dynamism for cellular regeneration. It improves oxygenation and makes the skin look radiant. Yin energy diminishes redness and tension, making skin tissue more compact and toned.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower: Cucumber. Hydrates, cleanses and refreshes, leaving the skin vital and radiant.
Leaf: Aloe powerful energy depurative, anti-inflammatory, calming, cicatrizing and vitalizing.
Bark: Bamboo mineralizes, stimulates collagen synthesis, increases the skin’s resilience.
Root: Ginseng actively stimulates the skin’s vitality and slows down the production of free radicals.

Complementary ingredients

Soy Protein
Wheat Germ
Bamboo (Bambusa arundinacea stem extract)