Oligo Hydrative
Beauté Face

Oligo Hydrative

Moisturising, lightening, anti-oxidizing cream, protects against the damaging effects of the sun, fades pigmentation marks and gives an even glow. Suitable for all skin types subject to the stressful rhythms of everyday life, constantly exposed to the sun’s rays or damaged by temperature changes and the drying effects of air conditioning and central heating.

Calms irritation, the moisturised skin becomes smooth and soft, pigmentation marks gradually fade, the complexion acquires an even glow, the face and neck appear radiant and the skin is more compact and younger looking.

Energetic Action
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The multi-vitamin complex stimulates intense circulation of Yang energy which regenerates the tissues and gives the skin an immediate, lasting glow. Ginseng root, rich in essential enzymes, accelerates the exchange of Ying and Yang energy which has a highly revitalising effect on the tissue.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower: Cucumber. Hydrates, cleanses and refreshes, leaving the skin vital and radiant.
Leaf: Aloe A powerful energy depurative rich in polysaccharides with anti-inflammatory properties
Bark: Bamboo Highly moisturising, it stimulates collagen synthesis and gives vitality to supporting fibres.
Root : Ginseng actively stimulates the skin’s vitality and slows down the production of free radicals.

Complementary ingredients

Multi-vitamin Complex
Lightening complex
Wheat germ (Triticum aestivum)
Solar UVA– UVB Eco-filter (a synergy of 3 photo-protective filters)