Pur SPA Gel
SPA Performance

Pur SPA Gel

Ultra-softening gel with cinnamon and phytoplankton for the delicate cleansing of face and body. A clean product without chemical soap. Cleanses very gently maintaining the physiological balance of the skin and fortifies its natural defences. Recommended for all skin types, especially the sensitive skin of children, in all cases of frequent washing, and after sport or swimming. Leaves the skin perfectly clean and fresh.

Protected by the Spirulina, the skin is perfectly clean, fresh soft and perfumed with a special fragrance making it sensual and natural.

Energetic Action
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Its bipolar formula is a true energy propeller for the ‘remise en forme’ of the body and well-being of the spirit. It releases very beneficial regulatory effects on contact with the skin, which improve skin perception. It activates the circulation of sensorial energy and restores serenity and harmony. Excellent both for morning waking (Yang phase) and evening relaxation (Yin phase).

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower: Orange: detoxes, purifies and protects the skin, brings vitality to the spirit.
Leaves: Aloe rich in calming, rebalancing substances, forties the skin’s natural defences
Bark: Cinnamon instils new life into the tissues and purifies the skin.
Root: Rhathany calms surface irritations and fortifies the skin’s immunity.

Complementary ingredients

Spirulina seaweed (Spirulina platensis)
Coconut-based natural surfactant