Pur Spa Scrub
SPA Performance

Pur SPA Scrub

Natural paste consisting of red seaweed and cinnamon bark for the exfoliating treatment of the body and the reawakening of skin energy. Deep-cleanses, eliminating dead cells and renewing the surface layers of the skin without altering its hydrolipid balance.

The skin instantly regains all its softness and luminosity. Its use during sunbathing promotes the duration of the tan which is more golden and luminous. The epidermis is impregnated with a natural freshness which will make your skin especially sensual.

Energetic Action
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Its Yang formula increases the energy supply of each skin cell. Hot, vitalising energy improves the perception of all skin sensations. The peripheral circulation becomes very active, the body is enlivened, cerebral tensions relax and the freed spirit fully enjoys all the benefits of the massage, touching your senses.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower: Orange detoxes, purifies and fortifies the skin’s defences and boosts vitality for the spirit.
Leaves: Aloe, rich in anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, fortifies the skin’s natural defences.
Bark: Cinnamon invigorates the tissues and purifies the skin.
Root: Rhathany calms superficial irritations and reinforces the skin’s natural immunity.

Complementary ingredients

Red seaweed (chondrophycus papillosus).