Beauté Face

Régénérans Yin Yang

Rebalances, regenerates and stimulates Yin and Yang energy circulation of skin tissues. It limits redness and heat due to energy excesses (couperose, sunburn, widespread redness on neck and décolleté skin, capillaries on the legs) and relieves the sensation of tightness. Improves Yin energy circulation, promotes liquid drainage and hydration of the skin’s surface layers.

Face, neck and décolleté: as redness diminishes, the skin regains an even colour and splendid radiance. The visibly rejuvenated face regains serenity.
Body: diminishes redness and soothes sensitive skin.

Energetic Action
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Its extraordinary energy formula rapidly relieves Yang excesses from couperose, sun irritation, post-depilation redness and redness in general. It eliminates localised skin heat (décolleté, leg capillaries, etc...), distends tension (muscles, articulation etc...) and gives Yin compactness back to skin tissues.

Bioséquentielle Action
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Flower; Roman Chamomile: relieves skin tension, diminishes redness, drains water retention.
Leaf; Lemon enhances dynamism of vascular circulation, restores an even radiance to the skin.
Bark; Bamboo fortifies tissue resilience, mineralises and moisturises, slows down ageing.
Root: Burdock detoxifies, drains free radicals and rapairs damaged capillaries.

Complementary ingredients

Apple (Pyrus Maluss)
Lemon (Citrus medica)
Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalis)
Oligo elements: Mg magnesium, K potassium