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18 November 2014

Man, nature and Wei-Qi rituals

Once upon a time Man lived in a mutually beneficial relationship with Nature, in perfect harmony with the sky, the earth and the energy cycles of the entire cosmos. He knew its infinite wisdom and respected its rules. Nature, his great ally, has always made all its generous resources available to ensure the survival of all living species.

Nowadays, we are somewhat disconnected from all of this, we live in a way that often distances us from nature and its harmony, that closes us in artificial, unnatural environments.
This is why Salin de Biosel tries to create products and rituals able to reconnect us with nature, to transmit a feeling of natural, instinctive wellbeing.

The Wei Qi Rituals line recreates contact with nature through the raw materials at the basis of ancient rituals.

Roots, leaves, bark and flowers provide their essences for our rituals to rebalance physical wellbeing and serenity of spirit.

The Wei Qi rituals olfactory test allows everyone to discover the ritual most suited to their character, their predisposition at the time or the feeling of wellbeing they want to obtain.

You can choose between:

  • Flowers to dream, to create
  • Leaves to open up to others and communicate with them
  • Bark to protect yourself, to increase perception
  • Roots to reinforce your identity, to ground yourself

The ritual is composed of natural products based on plants selected for their energetic action and the deep sense of wellbeing they bring, nourishing body and spirit and providing the body with wonderful energy.