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Pure energy for your skin

Energia pura per la tua pelle

Energy and the skin

The entire human body consists of muscles, bones and tissues whose common denominator is the cell.

Entering into our microcosm, from the molecule to the atom, we come to a total absence of material.

What remains is "energy" in its purest form.

Bio-electric impulses control the activities of all cells, including skin cells.
The skin uses this energy to keep vital functions active, to regenerate itself and protect itself from external agents.

A good energy reserve is essential for the beauty and vitality of the skin, but with the passage of time, the skin's ability to produce and store energy in its cells decreases, the skin
looks tired and vulnerable, loses radiance and begins to show the first signs of fatigue.

This is the time to draw on a new source of energy.

Energy and health

The concept of energy is an element of all Oriental medicines, and has always been used to preserve or restore psycho-physical health and more.
Yin and Yang represent the two opposite and complementary poles on which Oriental medicine acts through acupuncture, nutrition or the application of energy-providing plants. The beauty of the skin is also closely connected to the continuous movement and balancing of these two energies. Excesses, deficiencies or stasis are the causes of all skin flaws. Restoring harmony between these two essential forces ensures the beauty and youthfulness of all skin tissues.