SALIN de BIOSEL means cosmetics and application concepts for the beauty of face and body, physical performance and spiritual harmony.

SALIN de BIOSEL products are distributed through the best spas, beauty care salons, wellness and beauty recovery centres and clinics of natural medicine.

Christian Colotte

Born in Franche-Comté, France, his training at the energy revitalization and high level sports training centre in Cannes, France, led to his working in Europe’s best spas and fitness centres.
In 1978, he taught phyto-cosmetics, massage and lymphatic drainage to beauticians taking part in a specialization internship at this internationally famous centre.
Following a great deal of experience acquired abroad, including techniques for the application of Dead Sea salts, he completed his training in bio-energy and reflexology in Italy.
In 1984 he launched BIOSEL, which would be a starting point for a new era in cosmetics thanks to a ground-breaking concept called Bioséquentiel (Biosequential) formula.

BIOSEL: The Company

BIOSEL has its registered and administrative office in Rome, Italy.
Product formulas are conceived here, and the concepts created for SALIN de BIOSEL professional applications.
Experienced staff are always available to provide SPAs with a quick answer to all their sales, marketing, advertising and technical assistance needs.

The Brand

SALIN de BIOSEL is the brand which identifies the lines of “clean” skin care products and application concepts for SPAs. An original philosophy based on a fusion of the Oriental energetic pharmacopoeia and the more recent Western phytotherapy.
A strong vocation for the personalization of products, treatments and services is its main strength, particularly appreciated by more innovative SPAs and beauty centers in search of a serious, original professional identify.