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Natural products that respect nature

Here at Salin de Biosel we are a little obsessed with nature, with its scents, colours and essences. This is why we always try to explain the origin of our ingredients, as we do in our ‘Biosel Garden’ section, and it is why we try to respect nature and not contaminate it.

For the launch of our new Wei Qi Rituals line, which we have spoken about in recent weeks, we have designed special, completely recyclable packaging that respects nature but is above all beautiful and original.

In our travels around the world in search of essences and new ideas, we encountered a German manufacturer that works mainly in the food industry. Perhaps it is not so well known in Italy, but in countries beyond the Alps it is considered an excellent product, used in the best kitchens and for the best products.

We are talking about the Weck jars, produced in Germany and used mainly for food preservation, in which we have put our body milk and candles. They are glass jars with an airtight seal in 100% BPA-free rubber, ideal for our natural products, but above all for recycling as food containers.

However, the  Wei Qi ritual is not just about glass:

propellant gas-free vapo spray with organic sugar cane alcohol, biodegradable sheet in cereal extract fibre, massage glove in 100% organic cotton fibre, biodegradable unglazed natural ceramic

Above all, the natural raw materials at the basis of our products are parabens free and do not contain chemical solvents or paraffin.

What are you waiting for to try them?


Man, nature and Wei-Qi rituals

Once upon a time Man lived in a mutually beneficial relationship with Nature, in perfect harmony with the sky, the earth and the energy cycles of the entire cosmos. He knew its infinite wisdom and respected its rules. Nature, his great ally, has always made all its generous resources available to ensure the survival of all living species.

Nowadays, we are somewhat disconnected from all of this, we live in a way that often distances us from nature and its harmony, that closes us in artificial, unnatural environments.
This is why Salin de Biosel tries to create products and rituals able to reconnect us with nature, to transmit a feeling of natural, instinctive wellbeing.

The Wei Qi Rituals line recreates contact with nature through the raw materials at the basis of ancient rituals.

Roots, leaves, bark and flowers provide their essences for our rituals to rebalance physical wellbeing and serenity of spirit.

The Wei Qi rituals olfactory test allows everyone to discover the ritual most suited to their character, their predisposition at the time or the feeling of wellbeing they want to obtain.

You can choose between:

  • Flowers to dream, to create
  • Leaves to open up to others and communicate with them
  • Bark to protect yourself, to increase perception
  • Roots to reinforce your identity, to ground yourself

The ritual is composed of natural products based on plants selected for their energetic action and the deep sense of wellbeing they bring, nourishing body and spirit and providing the body with wonderful energy.


Biosel launches the new WEI-QI line

After long months of research among essences from the garden and in its laboratories, Biosel finally unveils its new Wei-Qi line to the public, a line of wellbeing products with natural components inspired by roots, leaves, bark and flowers.

Salin de Biosel has always had a close connection with nature, and the new Wei-Qi Rituals line is composed of natural products based on plants selected for their energetic action and the wellbeing they provide.

The line consists of various products linked to the Roots, Leaves, Bark and Flowers theme.

4 nourishing milks with plant extracts, 4 nourishing dried plant powders (professional use), 4 100% bio-natural soaps, 4 ecological room fragrance sprays, 4 candles with natural fragrances

By means of an olfactory test, Biosel clients can choose which essence reawakens their most intimate feelings, revealing precise information about their psycho-physical state at that moment and so about the most suitable Wei-Qi Ritual.

Products in the Wei-Qi Rituals line are packed with low ecological impact packaging and accessories to keep their natural raw ingredients in prime condition.

Salin de Biosel Wei-Qi products are currently available only in the best beauty salons.



“Nuove regole di bellezza”. Questa è la filosofia alla base di SALIN de BIOSEL, la celebre linea cosmetica ideata e realizzata da Christian Colotte. Lo abbiamo intervistato per scoprire quali sono i “segreti” che rendono uniche le formulazioni dei loro cosmetici.
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Energetica e biosequenzialità: la filosofia di Salin de Biosel

Per diversi anni ha lavorato a Cannes con Henri Chenot in campo paramedicale e più tardi, sempre per il noto guru del benessere, si è anche trasferito in Israele diventando un grande esperto delle proprietà dei sali del Mar Morto. Qualche anno dopo, quando grazie a un viaggio in Italia ha deciso di vivere stabilmente a Roma, città che per lui rappresenta tuttora la ‘joie de vivre’, il francese Christian Colotte, ha deciso di lanciare la sua linea di prodotti: Biosel.

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