Effective tools available to the most exclusive spas and beauty salons to provide a highly professional answer to all facial beauty treatment needs.

Effective tools available to the most exclusive spas and beauty salons to provide a highly professional answer to all facial beauty treatment needs.

Effective tools available to the most exclusive spas and beauty salons to provide a highly professional answer to all facial beauty treatment needs.

Rituals created to re-establish contact with the wonderful world of nature, stimulate the fantasy of the spirit with legends of far-off lands, let the imagination run free on the notes of enchanted melodies and be carried away by the scent of vegetation.

rituals for the serenity of the spirit, inspired by a fantastic legend that tells of the magic virtues of bamboo, the symbol of protection and longevity.

  • Initiatory Promenade
  • This ritual offers intense sensorial emotions. The bamboo canes oscillate and glide over the contours of the body to reduce tension and restore vitality. Your spirit surrenders itself to the notes of an original musical composition, which accompanies you on a fantastic journey through the scents of a luxuriant forest. Body and spirit are impregnated with the scents of the bamboo forest.

  • Promenade in the heart of the forest
  • This ritual transmits the sweetness and fragrance of organic bamboo canes to the skin. Gently wrapped in a bamboo paste, the skin recaptures all its splendour. A synergy of oil and milk completes the ritual; the body regains exceptional feelings of wellbeing and lightness, the spirit recovers extraordinary energetic vitality.

Capri and its Augustus Gardens built on terraces high above the sea, the scents of lemon flowers and fruits caressed by a light sea breeze create an oasis of peace and relaxation.

  • Citrus Earth Garden
  • Ritual to restore a wonderful radiance to the skin and enhance the dynamism of the spirit. Rich in Vitamin C, Citrus Earth is a synergy of lemon and a velvety earth that is massaged slowly over the entire body. An extraordinary concentration of vitamins regenerates the skin’s cells deep down.

  • A Garden between the Earth and the Sea
  • This ritual softens the skin and relaxes cerebral energy, illuminates the skin and affords a note of clairvoyance to the spirit. Nature glides gently over the body accompanied by a delicate hand-massaged scrub with vitamin-rich salts and earth. The sea offers all its virtues and vitalizes every single cell among the fruity aromas of balneotherapy with salts and lemon extracts.

Treatments are with seaweed, salts, spices and plant extracts imported directly from the places of origin. SALIN de BIOSEL offers your body natural raw materials from all continents, suggesting the original local applications of distant lands. Each treatment brings the luxury of uncontaminated nature directly to your skin for immediate benefit.

  • Dead Sea Spa:
  • 100% organic Magnesium Salts from the shores of the Dead Sea, to energize the skin’s eco-system and drain free radicals

  • Brittany Spa:
  • 100% organic seaweed gathered directly in Brittany to nourish and moisturize the skin’s cells

  • Ceylon Spa:
  • clean and healthy formula containing Ceylon Cinnamon to deep-clean the skin and reawaken sensuality

  • Vichy Spa:
  • muds, seaweeds and salts, synergies of the earth and plants, are the regenerating, draining and re-energizing applications to carry out under the gentle rain of the Vichy shower

Treatments are for sportsmen and women who are not in peak form, usually caused by the frenetic rhythms of daily life. Muscular regeneration is reduced by free radicals, resulting in limitations on their performance. SPA SPORT offers 3 different treatments: before and after the physical activity as well as a treatment to unblock stress and strong muscular tension. These enable oxygenization, draining of the toxic overloads responsible for cramps, and energize circulation in the tendon-muscle meridians. In this way, the body gets back to its former physical form, making sports performance a real pleasure.

  • Jet lag Zero Point Energy:
  • eliminate stress and tension to regain efficient physical fitness

  • Start Sport Energy:
  • oxygenation and energy to improve physical performance

  • Detox draining form recovery:
  • drain toxins to alleviate cramps and physical fatigue after sports endeavours

These treatments use “nature in its purest form” so the skin can get its fill of uncontaminated energy. They are performed with a series of applications of products rich in oligoelements, Dead Sea magnesium chloride, micronized ocean algae and specific massages and micro-massages.

  • Hydrating Dead Sea Salts: dry, impure skin
  • Nourishing Brittany Seaweed: dry, lifeless skin

Intensive therapy to fight cellulite at a very serious stage with extreme efficacy. For every type of cellulite there is a specific professional application able to attack the very heart of the problem as never before.

  • BIOSEL cellulite Water energy: edematous cellulite.
  • BIOSEL cellulite Woods energy: fibrous cellulite.
  • BIOSEL cellulite Earth energy: sclerotic cellulite.
  • BIOSEL cellulite Extra-Strong Energy Unblocking: localized excess weight.

Designed to be applied in sequence to provide a thoroughgoing 5 days programme. Rapid, original applications to fight cellulite blemishes and assist slimming with the aim of achieving rapid, and above all, lasting visible results.
Each individual treatment may be considered an independent application or programmes more spaced out over time can be created to meet the client’s needs.

  • Cellulite “orange peel” Dead Sea Salts
  • Cellulite lipo-slimming Ocean Seaweeds
  • Cellulite draining-slimming energy contrast
  • Extra-strong Yang thermo unstorage wrap: fat/cellulite
  • Extra-strong Yin cryo toning-draining wrap: water/cellulite
  • • BIOSEL slimming energy: localized excess weight
  • Energetic integral body firming
  • Cryo-energetic extra strength leg and buttock firming
  • Energetic bust and arm firming
  • BIOSEL flat stomach
  • BIOSEL anti-aging moisturizing
  • BIOSEL light feet and legs
  • Soin Biosel hand repair
  • BIOSEL prepares your skin for sunbathing – Start-up sun treatment
  • BIOSEL keeps your suntan radiant – Regenerating treatment
  • BIOSEL SOS sunburn, reddening – Calming anti/skin stress treatment

Every skin is unique. A beauty treatment effective on one person may not be so for thousands of others. This is why SALIN de BIOSEL products and professional applications are designed to be personalized « à la carte ». In this way we create revolutionary, effective treatments based uniquely on your skin’s characteristics, to make the most of your skin’s own legacy.
The results? Visible from the very first application, your facial skin will respond to the stimulation of the active ingredients and begin to work in sync with them.

  • Deep, perfect purity: deep cleansing and exfoliation for all skin types
  • Yang energy source: dry, stressed and tired skin with little energy
  • Yin calm couperose and redness: hyper-sensitive skin with couperose
  • Eco Pure – drain-detox perfect skin: impure skin, spots, toxins and free radicals
  • Eco Pure – oily and shini skin: oily skin, open pores and blackheads
  • Soin Lifting raffermissante: wrinkled, dull skin, lacking elasticity and compactness
  • Bio Age – anti aging Classic: dehydrated, undernouished, lined skin

Nowadays, taking time for ourselves has become a luxury that BIOSEL wants to give you to treat your skin, deeply nourish and moisturize it and make it even more beautiful and radiant.
For the entire 90 minutes, the eye surround, face, neck and décolleté will be the centre of attention. All the following treatments are carried out with energetic, draining massages, with the additional pleasure of being totally cosseted. It is an extraordinary opportunity to maintain the youthfulness and beauty of your face.

  • Soin Bio Age de Luxe: mature, lined, intensely ageing skin
  • Soin Anti-rides visage contour des yeux: ageing of the eye surround, lines and dark circles
  • Soin Défatiguant visage radieux: tired, dehydrated, stressed and taut skin
  • Soin Luminosité intense: dull skin with dark spots and lacking radiance

A last-minute invitation, an unexpected but important evening, little time to look your beautiful best.
“Soins Beauté essentielle” treatments are the quick, effective solution to restore perfect luminosity to the face, ensure even, long-lasting makeup, feel immediately more beautiful and make every moment unforgettable.

  • Instant pure, radiant beauty: dull skin lacking radiance
  • Soin Perfection durable: tired skin lacking vitality
  • Soin Bienvenue: for re-awakening all skin types
  • Soin Bio Age essentiel: all types of skin with lines

The majority of male skin blemishes are not due to age, but to the way men live their daily lives: stress, air pollution, a sedentary life and smoke attack the skin’s ecosystem and cause its oxidation. The complexion quickly darkens, the skin becomes easily irritated after shaving, the fibres lose their elasticity and lines appear visibly more evident.

  • Soin Peau impure: dull skin with toxins
  • Soin Liftant Dynamisant: fatigued, dehydrated skin
  • Soin Anti stress: drawn skin, aged by stress
  • Soin Anti âge Homme: lined, undernourished skin

The skin is an actual organ: it comprises 2,000 billion cells performing 5 specific functions that interact with each other in a constant, balanced way.
Pollution, stressful life styles, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and physiological ageing are the main causes of changes to the skin’s functions.
Skin functions can be hyperactive as a result of excess Yang energy or particularly passive in a Yin phase.
Soins énergétiques 5 functions treatments effectively re-educate functions and energy thoroughly to provide a visible, long-lasting healthy solution to each of the 5 functions. The skin regains its vital energy, an inexhaustible source of beauty.

  • Soin Funzioni Ecosistema Protezione: fragile, hypesensitive skin
  • Soin funzioni Equilibrio Energetico: devitalized, hypertense skin
  • Soin funzioni Emo Rigenerante: dry skin with couperose
  • Soin funzioni Osmo Linfa: impure skin with water retention
  • Soin funzioni Vitale Fibre: prematurely ageing skin

Cosmetic surgery and medicine have become everyday applications for all those who want to visibly and rapidly improve their appearance.
Aware of the effect of such operations on the skin’s ecosystem, BIOSEL, in close cooperation with medical personnel, has created 4 pre-operation treatments to make the skin perfectly healthy, regenerated, drained and free of stress and free radicals, for a better, longer lasting result. The treatment is applied before the operation on alternate days for a minimum of a week and a maximum of three

  • BIOSEL MED I: distends states of skin stress
  • BIOSEL MED II: cleanses the skin and eliminates toxins
  • BIOSEL MED III: promotes lymphatic drainage
  • BIOSEL MED re-shapes the contours of the face